WE HAVE MOVED! - We are now located at The Nursery, Adjacent to 89 Aylesbury Road, Aston Clinton, HP22 5AQ

New stock just in at The End Of The World Reclaimed centre

We have a huge and constantly changing range of stock so keep checking to see what’s new in. Alternatively sign up for our newsletter and be one of the first to know when we have new arrivals. If you're interested in a specific item, then please call ahead just in case we've sold it before you reach us... This is only a fraction of our stock, there's much more to see in our yard near Aylesbury.

Georgian 3 plank side table

67 cm h x 65 cm w  x 49 cm deep
Circa 1780


UPVC windows

Various sized used &new windows

£45 - £300

Reclaimed Red Bricks

5,500 all in clean good condition

300 years old

£1.20 each

Reclaimed Yellow stocks

900 all in clean good condition


Terracotta Urn

50 cm wide x 64 cm high
Circa 1880


UPVC Sash Window

120 cm high x 90 cm
Very good condition


Victorian Cast Iron Hopper

42 cm wide x 67 cm high

16 matching @ £120 each

Circular Sink with 6 Taps

105 cm wide x 108 cm high

Circa 1950

Old Mangle

97 cm wide x 150cm high

cira 1900



3 Chimney pots

28 cm wide x 65 cm high



Poulson Pendant Light

45 cm high x 57 cm wide
Circa 1959

£99 each

Fleur de lis Roof Finial

68 cm high x 30 cm wide

Circa 1900

How to find us

The Nursery
Adjacent to
89 Aylesbury Road
Aston Clinton
Bucks, HP22 5AQ

07850 772452

Public and Trade welcome

Monday to Saturday
9:30am to
Closed on Sundays

We're often here at other times so feel free to ring and check.

If you are travelling from a distance please call ahead to check we are definitely open